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No sales + no orders

Hey Fiverr world!

I know this has been discussed quite a few times on the forum, but I wanted to see if anybody has any advice for my specific situation, or if I should just be patient and wait.

I’m a level two seller, with over 100+ 5* reviews, not one bad review ever which of course, I’m proud of. I was Fiverr’s choice for a long long time also.

Almost 2 weeks ago now, I was overwhelmed with so many orders, so I limited the orders on my gig. I’ve done this so many times now and each time I turn the limiter off I get an order within a couple of hours or the same day.

This time, however, since I turned it back on, I haven’t received one order unless it’s from regular clients. I’m barely getting any messages, and If I am, It’s from new sellers asking me for orders.

So, my first question is, how are they finding my profile, but genuine sellers aren’t?

Second question - Has this happened to anybody before? If so, how long does it normally take for things to pick back up?

FYI - I’ve tried to increase traffic manually by lowering my prices, changing my gig gallery image, changing my gig description, my gig title, and I even tried Fiverr’s new ‘‘promote’’ function with the free $10 they gave me, and nothing worked.

Any ideas guys? Here’s my profile so you can take a better look -

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Sounds like Gig Rotation to me.

Enter “gig rotation” into the Fiverr Forum Search Window (on the Home Page) and you will find your answer.

Gig limiter? What’s this?

Same happened to me. Beginning of January I was over whelmed with orders so had to set status to unavailable. When I switched it back on it took about 12 days or so before I started getting work again.


Same here… But still trying…

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I’ll check it out, thanks!

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I’m not sure if that’s the exact term, maybe I made it up :sweat_smile:

If you click on Gig’s at the top of the page, and then click on your gig - a dropdown menu should pop up. There, you’ll find a button that you can turn on and off that says ‘limit orders in queue’, then you can pretty much just set it to the number you want and I think it ‘‘semi’’ turns your gig offline.

The only reason I say semi is because sometimes even with it activated I still receive orders and messages from new clients. Well, I used too… :joy:

Good to know that you started getting work again. I guess just like any business, this is a bump in a road. Hoping things pick back up soon!


Us and hundreds of others I guess!

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Same to me.but hope for the best


Same here!
help me!
but i am trying to improve my gig as soon as possible