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No sales, No request offers

I admit cancelling a few orders that I didn’t approve anyways and the buyers went ahead to buy basic gigs for more demanding tasks. Sadly, Fiverr simply refunded their money at my request and left me bad 1 star ratings at the end.
Some buyers sadly left less than 5 star ratings even when they claimed to like the service delivered because they just didn’t “care too much” about the rating and left it because it was somewhat mandatory.
Currently, I am on 89% rating, no liberty to request new offers and Fiverr isn’t helping my gigs sell either. In simple terms, I’m stuck and I can’t get out, thanks to the Fiverr algo.

Can anyone help at all?



Try and see if you can get buyers from social media.

Promote your gigs on social media and bring clients to Fiverr, that way you make sales and your order completion rate will improve.


Have to do proper gig optimization with buying and secondary keyword…
Use service relevant eye-catching Images and write clear description what you can do for your customer, don’t need to make it so long… share your gig on social media ,like twitter,pinterest ,linkedin.


Daniella, thanks for posting your thoughts about these topics… something I’ve been frustrated about too. It’s definitely concerning knowing that there are many buyers who overlook, disregard or what-have-you sellers gig descriptions’ and details. For me, it’s lead to erroneous buyer orders that i am essentially forced to accept at the risk of the buyer then canceling the order and/or then leaving a negative review. Unless I am and have been overlooking a way to remedy this so it’s fair for us, it seems sellers are a bit powerless here.

However, with that said, I’ve done my best to keep a professional attitude about it all and generally complete the orders, often times without compromise on their end. I find that my best tool has been how I structure my responses and communication with these buyers. Often times I notice these neglectful habits come from a lot of 1st time buyers. Since I generally offer an incentive for 1st timers it works out:-)

All the best!


This doesn’t sound right. Fiverr does not leave bad reviews on your gig merely because you asked them to refund an order to your buyer. That’s not how Fiverr works. Could it be that your order was extremely late, and the buyer demanded a refund (which they can have if your order is very late)? If so, this is the ONLY way that Fiverr would leave reviews on your gig, something to the effect of a 1-star “seller did not deliver on time” auto-review.

Reviews are in no way “manditory”. Buyers are allowed to leave any review that they feel accurately reflects their experience with you – or no review at all, if that is their preference.

As much as you might dislike hearing this, this is exactly how Fiverr is designed to work. If you have a seller rating below 90%, the system sees that to mean that you aren’t delivering top-quality work, and your buyers aren’t happy with what you deliver. In an instance like this, Fiverr is encouraging you to find ways to improve your work so that you can be trusted and open for new work. Fiverr does not want sellers who cannot maintain a good rating to be looking for work in the Buyer Request section.

Fiverr isn’t out to hurt you, the system is encouraging you to do better.

Since you cannot respond to buyer requests for the next 60 days (because your rating is below 90%), if you need more customers, perhaps now is a good time to start marketing and promoting your services to the target customers who need your services – wherever they may be located.

You are not “stuck”, you just need to re-think and re-define your goals and strategies.


Typical Jonbaas responses.

One might be tempted to believe that you are a Fiverr Staff or you are a part owner of Fiverr


I don’t know anyone who thinks that – besides you. :wink:

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I, for one, think so too.


Very well. No. I do not work for Fiverr. But I am also not going to take a combative stance against my freelance partner. Fiverr has their rules and ways of doing things, and I have chosen to abide by those rules, and work within them. I support Fiverr, in appreciation for all that they have allowed me, and my services, to achieve here on their website.

i have been on fiverr for over a year as a seller, i hardly get orders too



That means i am not alone