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No sales nor orders

I recently just returned but I haven’t had much luck with selling it’s been humpy bumpy and I’m getting frustrated by the day.
Can I get a check on my profile to see maybe there’s something I’m doing or did wrong.
I’d be very grateful.



Please remove all whatsapp numbers and information’s from all your pictures. Contacting outside Fiverr is strictly against TOS.

Text is OK, needs just little better formatting (spacing, paragraph).

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I am so very grateful. I hope this checks and work out after.
Thank you

Is that link “fivers” legit?

Yes, that’s my profile link on Fiverr

Maybe I’m wrong and this is all a misunderstanding, but I knew that profiles’ in Fiverr would have “Fiverr dot com” in their link…

There was a typo fixed it

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I saw your profile completed two orders.
Check again to see if any of your title descriptions and tags are incorrect.

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