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No sales on my gig this month

Hello there. My name is Rafshan and this is my first post.
I have a photo manipulation gig and I completed 10 orders or so with that gig. Then after I changed the gig picture fiverr removed my gig. Long story short they said I was using copied images and as I didnt have the source files I couldnt prove that they were my own creation. Anyway I created a similar gig again and havent still got any orders. I am looking for advice to get orders from my gig.
Here’s the link. Please see and tell me if I have done something wrong.


I will suggest you to cemrwat more gigs.

How’s that will help him? Also taking into account that new sellers has a limit of 7 gigs in total

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I already have 6 gigs online. Have room for just one more