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No sales on my GIG

I"ve been on fiverr since november 2016 , i used to be in online for 24hrs 365days./ but no sales yet , no orders… nothing… why i’m facing this kind of situation… even i have an 11years in adobe illustrator but i don’t have any orders to use my expereince to work for clients… how to get orders… please if anybody know the solution to my problem… kindly help me , Thanks in advance for your suggestions and advices… thank you all…

Dear @mustafaalibaigm.

Are you Try Social Media for share your gigs ?

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i don’t have much friends on my social media flatform… so i didn’t share

You’ve got 1 gig - you can have another 6 - make the most of them.

Also, have a look around the forum, and read the academy:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I second that. Make the most out of your gigs, and read up on everything you can from the academy.


Yeah @offlinehelpers Right.

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Another thing to try is to offer something for $5.

Also, if you claim that your cartoons will be outstanding, it’s a good idea to show outstanding examples of your work in your gig pictures.