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No sales since expression/views problem occured?

Hi, I heard many people complaining that there are no sales coming to them, I am also facing the same situation since expression graph went to zero problem…

is it because of my luck, or it is really happening?

It’s happening… Since the graph went to zero I’ve also hit a slowdown and I hear many others have too. Seems more then a coincidence, but then I’m sure there is some who are not affected and/or still getting sales regardless so shrug I hope it gets fixed soon though because, at least before I knew which gigs were getting impressions so I could make modifications now I feel like I’m shooting in the dark.

same is the problem with me :frowning:

On last december i was getting order regularly, i even started to politely reject some of the order because i am overwhelmed with too many orders. Since this bug started, it is literally Zero order, 0, not even a single message.