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No sales since i created my account (November 2017)

Sorry for ask, How to get 1st buyer? i am member since Nov. 2017 (lol), I am a manual translator from English to Indonesian basic language


Yikes! I gotta ask what have you been doing since Nov 2017? I mean it’s :blossom::sunflower::tulip:springtime, be proactive. Get out there and start bringing in your own clients, tweaking your gigs etc. This is YOUR business so it’s up to you on how successful you want to become. Sitting back and waiting is not a good strategy!

UPYOUR game :ok_hand:t4: oh and there’s more where that came from just type upyour in the :mag_right: field.

… and read this helpful guide. :small_red_triangle_down:


Thankyou nikavoice to motivate me…

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You’re welcome! Don’t give up, remember success is right around the corner. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You might be hopeless this time as it has been 5 months for you without any order. But you should never lose your hope and I would suggest you some things that might help:

1- Utilize you 10 daily buyer request if you find suitable request that matches your skill.
2- Use social media to promote your Gig it will surely help you to grow.
3- Rechek your gig for Descprition, Tags, Photos. (They should be unique and not coppied). Also keep an eye on your impressions and click if your CTR is low try to change Tags with ones that people mostly search in your gig category

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Thankyou naikoosuhaib, love from Indonesia!

Optimize your gig description. Make sure it sets you apart from everyone else offering your service and make sure it reads very well since you are a translator! When it comes to the writing and translation section you want to make sure grammar, spelling, and general sentence structure is great so buyers view you professionally. Try playing around with your tags every once in awhile too. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for answering my question, love from Indonesia!

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You should remove your facebook and instagram on your profile description.

See more here:

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I just changed it, thanks Mr.

I am not getting orders too, too bored =/

I am totally aware that this is going to sound harsh, but here it goes:
You are offering translation, and even though it is mentioned in your profile that
your English is conversation level which is nice, but I’m afraid there are many people here who are offering Indonesian/English translation and in many cases their English is native level. By reading your description, potential buyers could tell (depending on their English level) that you might not be the most reliable translator when there are other people offering the same service with better quality.

Maybe it might be a good idea to offer something else besides translating.
Do you have any other unique skills up your sleeves?
Try checking out the Fun&Lifestyle section, you might get some ideas.

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