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No Sales So Far Please Help

I am Here in Last 2 Months . and I am Creating 3 Awesome Gigs With Reasonable Price . But I cant Get any Single Order . Please Any One Check My Profile and Please Tell me What is The real Problem In my gig , Its Bad title or Tags . Please Help Me

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Perhaps people just aren’t looking for your services? Or, even more likely, I would bet that you haven’t done anything productive to market and promote your gigs to the people who need you services? Am I right?

Don’t assume that because you aren’t gaining any sales, that there are “real problems” with your gigs. Perhaps the problem is that you aren’t doing any work to reach out to your target customers.


@digilabmotion you need to share your gig in social media and also send the buyer request regularly it might help you to get orders. also your gig titel and tag need to be a related to your service!

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I joined 1 month ago and have had 5 sales since then. The key is to go to the “Buyer requests” page. This is how you should aim to get your first sales.

After you’ve got a few sales, people will start to trust your gigs more and will buy them without you having to go to buyer requests.

You can find buyer requests by going onto fiverr; clicking the selling tab and clicking on buyer requests.

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You need to hard work and share your gigs on social media and send 10 offers daily on buyer requests, also, I agree with @jonbaas @bhaumikpatel @balacafa

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