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No sales what to do


I am not able to generate sales. Please help me what can I do to generate sales and how can I improve my gigs.


Freelancer ==> no constant sales.

Send all 10 buyer requests
Share your gigs on different social media


Thanks for the idea but inspite of these ways is there any other way which can help me?


I’ll jump in here…

Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to generate sales. You will have to do like every other business, and work hard to reach out to your target customers in unique, eye-catching or captivating ways. YOU are going to have to figure out these ways, though, because only you know and understand your target market.

Reach out to the people who need your services, and encourage them to hire you.


Thanks for this great motivating speech.


don’t worry…

you should connected with fiver
once upon a time you get a job


It is no easy to start, you will have days or weeks, even months without orders, you have to be patient, read the forum so you can have ideas, read suggestions, etc. I´ve had days without any order, and days with more than 20.


Share your gig on social media.
It helps a lot.


I didn’t get any sales between October and December. I just used the time to work on other projects. The year has started on a good note though and I have already received two orders. I have learnt not to worry when I have no sales. The best way to do this is to find something else to do when you are not getting orders.


I was also thinking about this idea.
But on social media i should post only link or images also?


Thanks for the idea.


I’ve noticed that many Fiverr sellers who disclose that they aren’t getting sales don’t seem to know their target market or know the importance of knowing your target market.

I have a feeling Fiverr would sell a lot of courses on marketing and sales if they incorporated those into their Learn program. I think the Fiverr community in general would be stronger if more sellers were savvy in sales and marketing/communications.


I completely agree. Far too many new sellers come here to Fiverr expecting easy money, while forgetting that being a seller here is hard work, just like any other job. The only people that succeed here are those who are willing to understand their customers, and learn how to connect to them. Fiverr would, indeed, benefit from offering informative classes on how to do this – assuming, of course, that the “I just wanna be rich” crowd are willing to invest in their growth as Fiverr sellers.