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No sales! why! solution please,experts!


Please anyone can tell me how could be my gigs even more better? Is it perfect or not? what should I do to make it perfect?


One suggestion I have is proofread your gig for grammatical errors. Otherwise overall the gig seems fine. I would also suggest removing the 3 question marks for emphasis and sticking to one.

Just my opinion though. Cheers!


I only noticed, there is very very stiff competition on Fiverr these days. Need to be showing more and more trendy sample. And be concise with gig descriptions. You would need to share your you Gig to local audience, to increase impressions and views stats. Encourage friends on social media to share some content that leads eventually to your Gig.


Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:



the first flyer design, so called “Abroad Admission”, derives directly from the one that is available at DesignCrowd. The logos appear to be just hastily altered.

On the right page you overimposed a green box, with the following:

5 Hour Devlivery
2 Different Color
Unlimited Revision

Instead of:

5 hours delivery
2 different colors
unlimited revisions

The second sample flyer contains the following errors:

  • travaling instead of traveling
  • procesing instead of processing
  • procising instead of processing (two times)
  • Austrila instead of Australia
  • contract address instead of contact address
  • ( OppositeRAB - 7) instead of (Opposite RAB - 7)

The bulleted lists have excessive spacing between the bullet and the listed item.
Some listed items end with a colon, with random criteria.
There is no enough space between the header “Visa processing” and the bulleted list below.
One header in the address box (Chittagong Office) is badly misaligned.


you are such a pretty, pacquo. thanks for your elaborated help. :heart_eyes: