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No sales yet, please checkout my gigs and correct any of my mistakes

Please checkout my gigs and correct my mistakes

You need some of the services listed here to start converting your fiverr visitors to sales in no time


  1. Your gigs are very generic.
  2. One of the gigs that you have is actually illegal. (the sending a link for a download)
  3. I am going to doubt that you are a professional writer.

@bestservices01 If the profile picture is really yours, I’d highly recommend you do video reviews. Your services are quite generic and there’s a distance between being a college student and claiming to be a professional writer.None doubts you can write of course. But, for example, I speak english on a quite good level, does this make me an EFL teacher?

Best of luck!


My goodness, looks like you guys scared off @bestservices01 with your good advice!