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No sales yet :(

Hey guys and gals!

So, someone tell me… what is the secret?!

I am yet to achieve a sale on Fiverr and feel as though I may have missed something?

I’m an experienced freelance graphic designer and marketer - I have two gigs currently, one for my graphic design services and a training guide I created for those who are new or need help with digital marketing. Ironic, I know!

Gig: - Graphic Des
Gig: - Training Guide

If anyone is kind enough to share any tips, tricks or secrets then it would be thoroughly appreciated… I just want that first sale feeling already! :pensive:


I think I can see what’s wrong with your graphic design gig. You did ask…

To be brutally honest your gallery of sample images is a disappointment. You have four images - and at a casual glance they all look exactly the same. It is only when you look closer that you then notice the tiny ‘unique’ design in the middle of each image.

The problem is that the unique part of each image takes up less than a tenth of the entire surface area of the design. What you’ve done is you’ve plastered your own ‘KJB’ brand all over the images - a bit like a massive chunky photo frame. In my opinion, your own branding is neither modern nor appealing - and the image it portrays to someone sampling your gig is that a) you don’t have any other creative ideas, and b) what you can do looks dated.

The other aspect is that two of the four ‘unique elements’ are for your own KJB brand anyway (communicating you’ve got virtually no prior experience with actual clients - I’m not saying you haven’t, but this is how it appears) and the other two samples are simplistic and uninspiring - the sort of thing that an online logo design website would churn out in five minutes.

That probably comes across as harsh, but there’s no easy way to say it. You did ask.

I removed my first comment as I reread this…

First and foremost, I asked for tips, tricks and secrets. What you gave me was an absolute slaughtering. It’s very clear that I am new to the game and young, so the fact you approached this as you did is actually quite disheartening. Thanks for the motivation pal.

This was in no way, shape or form constructive. Had you provided some form of recommendation or alteration then maybe so, but thanks for ripping in :slight_smile:

Should I ever want all aspiration and enthusiasm stripped from me, I’ll be sure to pop you a bell.

Thanks for your encouraging words and freelance support. Wishing you the best of luck in your services.

Both gigs have been removed and I will now be looking at different ventures, remind me to stay clear of you in future :+1:

I never intend to offend - and if that is how you have taken my comments then I apologise to you. Sincerely so. However, if nothing is pointed out - then how is anyone meant to improve? There is no secret to selling on Fiverr other than offering a compelling product and marketing it effectively.

The approach you took wasn’t exactly the most encouraging or supportive.

I appreciate the fact you have highlighted the issues, but your choice of wording and the tone of voice that came across was very demeaning. Constructive feedback generally accompanies some form of improvement to be made.

Thank you for your apology and explanation. How would you suggest I improve my service? I am very new to the game and unfortunately do not have experience with clients as you said. I’m 18, 19 next week and new to this particular game. Yet to make a first sale, but the logos I have displayed were one I had done as a first few attempts. Maybe I should make some as though I were doing a paid job and use pretend businesses for my portfolio? I’m open to any ideas. :wink: I do help run a marketing agency, so there is where my experience lies I’m afraid, haha.

Same here! But don’t lose hope! Wish you luck! :smile:

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