No sales :(


I am getting no sales.i need 2 to 3 sales a day.kindly help me…



You should upload a video to your gigs.


You would need to try different promotion techniques, and along wit that, take some tips to look at the marvellous tips offered in the section called “Tips for Sellers”.

All the best!


Hi subhan04 - Two months ago I thought that one sale a month was great and I came across a guy whose gig was offering to help improve fiver sales, bought the gig and followed his easy to implement suggestions. My sales since have exceeded $1300 in the past 2 months. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention this guy’s name (it would have been means) here is his username: twistedweb123 (you can tell him that you have been introduced by magellon, he would be pleased). $-)


Reply to @magellon:

I haven’t purchased from him. Still, I could see how it would be worthwhile to get his personal advice. I’m not in this conversation, but maybe I’ll buy his gig too…:slight_smile:

He’s a Top Rated Seller:

Also, I liked his thread about videos:


it really doesn’t matter how many sales you get a day…ultimately can you handle it if you had a high workload. I want to leave you with this…it’s not the quantity of gigs you have but the quality of gigs you deliver. if you shortened the title of your gigs and put up some gigs where they were less tutorial and more of a service people would order. I wish you best of luck. And yes I would suggest looking at Adams or (twistedweb123) blog called YourFiverr. I even read it and I manage my own Fiverr blog. I learn a lot of cool tips from it.


Logically I think you should see how other successful sellers in your field present themselves and manage their work.

Best of luck!


Thank you magellon and every one :slight_smile: