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No sales

Hello friends, its been more than 2 weeks and still sadly no sales. I have gotten more than 70 views and 50 clicks. Can you please tell me whats wrong with my gig.

How are you sending your sketches? They look very low res. Artists (at least the majority on this site) draw in a digital spectrum. Graphics tablets are the norm and entice customers a lot more than a scanned sketch. I would invest in a graphics tablet.

thanks for the feedback, yea i would if i had the money

I would suggest adding a video to your gig. Showing you the artist in action drawing a piece. This will get buyers to trust that its really hand drawn art work.

Thanks for the expert advice, hopefully a video will trigger some sales

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You only need to share to facebook groups. I have a show in demand.

It relates to the quality of work, speed and marketing. Do not waste your time for spam in the forums. It was useless and cause your account suspended