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No scams, please

Hi! I’m new to Fiverr… not to doing VO…Has anyone received a message from someone that “wants to discuss an offer“ with you but want to connect on ■■■■■ or discord? Does that sound legit?

As I told you in the other topic: No, it is not legit. You are not allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr, and it is likely that people who insist on communicating outside of Fiverr are trying to scam you. Scammers usually prey on new users, so we have all gotten these kinds of messages when we first started out.

Please read the Terms of Service here:


Got it. I’m new to using this platform, and still learning how to navigate all the resources here. I appreciate your reply.

Thank you

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Those messages are common, and none of them are legit. Those scammers mostly target new users, but they try their luck with the older ones, too.


I kinda figured that was the case… I thought to myself… I can’t be that lucky… so I figured I ask here before doing anything.

I appreciate it.