No script attached - Countdown Running


Hi Fiverr’ss
I have a buyer filled in requirements but did not attach the script for their VO. Now the clock is hours from been late
I have sent a nudge to the buyer and contacted CS
I also suspect this is an attempt to harm my account. What is the ultimate best course of action regardless., so my account does not have this as a detriment


Sadly, not much more you can do besides what you’ve already done. Delivering anything other than the audio file will be seen by CS as abuse of the delivery button, and a late order could lead to a cancellation with a 1 star.

As backwards as it sounds, your best case is probably CS cancelling the order, and you block the buyer. We always notice a slight dip in sales after a cancellation.

Sorry, you’re between a rock and a hard place here, all of which is totally unfair on you.


You could add a mandatory attachment field for the voice over document in the requirements section for future orders if necessary. With that, the order should only start if they attach something. Though that doesn’t stop them attaching something else or just leaving the order until it gets cancelled eventually.

They could have an option for verification of documents eg. that it contains x amount of words.


It was extended at the 11th hour , 10 minutes before it would have been late. :hugs: Only after a lot of CS back and forth. Go figure.
I was not happy as this would of tainted a spotless record


I have a mandatory attachment field that requires the buyer to attach an MS Word Document. Often the seller writes, “I will attach the document later.” and the clock begins to count down. Maybe I am creating the requirement incorrectly? :thinking:


Hi Vickie,

While creating the mandatory field, I think you could also specify whether you would want the customer to just write a text or attach an actual file. If you choose the latter, I believe the customer cannot fulfill the order requirements just by entering a message in it. They will have to attach a file.

However, even then, the customer could just get away with fulfilling the order requirement by attaching a random file that is not even relevant to your order, but, at least, they will have to attach some kinda file. :thinking:


I thought I did specify that they must attach a file. I will check it now. :roll_eyes:

Hey @hanshuber16. I found where there is a drop-down menu where the buyer must attach a file. I changed it on my best seller and now I am off to do it to the rest of my gigs. :blush:


Yes I think a “free text” field can be used for text or an attachment, but an attachment field can only be used for attachments and not text.


I think so too. I changed all of my proofreading gigs so the buyer must attach a document. On my letter writing gigs it is not as much of an issue.