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No second chances with Fiverr?


I have a fairly popular video editing gig a few years ago that got me around 200 hundred a month and I had over 100 orders on (not sure how many). I put the pause on it because it was too much for me combined with my 9 to 5. Three years or so later things have changed and now I’m trying to do editing full time.

I restarted my gig, greatly improved my lander changed my video several times. Got a little traffic at first. Then nothing. I thought maybe it was a rotation thing and my gig will start showing up somewhere at least for a little while but no. Tried to tweak the seo, change the tags and title but still nothing. I got a couple ordered outside of Fiverr from old clients and hoped that might cause fiverr to shop my gig around a little but no. I realized I hadn’t changed my gig video for a while so i made a new one yesterday hoping that might do something but so far it isn’t. It’s not that my gig appears far down, or even on the last page, it’s that it just doesn’t appear anywhere.

Is there anything else I can do to get my gig in some kind of rotation?


Hmmm so your gig is not showing up AT ALL in the search?

I would contact CS and ask if this is possibly a glitch.


As far as I can tell I cant find it on any page result in it’s category.


I just searched “Video info from scratch” and your other gig came up in the first row.

I think it is showing up, but very low down in the more broad searches. Due to Fiverr negging your position from being paused so long. I would say give it time!


Since you were gone from fiverr for three years you could try making another similar gig and see if that one gets placed better since it’s new. A three year old gig that never had any type of action in all that time is not going to do well in the search probably.