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No Security For SELLER!

One of my buyer requested to do a job and i had done that successfully
but after 15-20 days later he came back to me and ask for other fixing job and I happily tried for him
but that was a systemical problem of his site and he messed up with that and I discussed the matter with him why that was happening after that I also tried to help him but he again messed up and ruin his site and wanted to fix by me or refund of his money the first order he made and when I refused to send him a single penny he left a bad feedback after the job has done and after 20-30 days

You could offer him a refund, or you could explain in your reply to the feedback that it was not your fault, that he did it himself.

I already explain him many times but actually he want to abuse my service

Look he get his thing done and just made that drama to get his money refund

Fiverr cs declined my request to remove feedback

If it’s that lovely review you got today, why did you give him the old outstanding experience? Change your review to put your side of the story. Just delete the gig as there’s only one review on it so it’s basically dead anyway. I don’t think it gets rid of the review on your profile, but hey, it’ll be gone soon enough.

Incidentally, having a 100% satisfaction/your money back guarantee listed on the page does dent your argument a bit. If you’re going to have that kind of policy, you need to stick to it, even if the buyer is blatantly gaming the system.

I missed that. If omeome does that he needs to first make sure the buyer agrees to remove the feedback first before the refund. You should not say 100% refund if not satisfied and then refuse to refund them when they are not happy. That is misleading.

Cause I cannot edit now the review donno why?

Actually he thanked me and he was satisfied with my job 16 days ago

By the way I deleted the gig and its gone for good now but still we have no security and one thing is that he reported my profile can anyone teach me how can I report his profile?

And can you clarify that if there is in my profile is it still alive and visible?

One funny thing is that I mined about his profile he is member since November 2014 and he didn’t left a single review for any seller and there is only one seller who shared his gig in Facebook and he misused also :smiley: lol we should take care of us from him

You deleted the gig, problem over. Don’t go on the warpath. Fiverr already declined to delete the feedback for a reason (whatever it was) and you have “won”. If the buyer tries to work with you again, cancel the gig and send a ticket to Fiverr if they won’t accept the declination. There’s absolutely no point wasting any more energy on this.

Upsetting experience though probably.

Well, it’s always upsetting to get a nasty review, especially if you feel that it is unjustified you need a thick skin as a freelancer…I’d say OP was lucky that it was a fresh gig. Whack the delete button. Problem gone. If you have hundreds of great reviews, well… that’s harder to deal with.

omeome, I seem to remember you are not a single seller but in charge of a company or something? If that’s the case, now is a good time to launch an internal investigation (oooh, scary). Apologies if it’s not you–it’s just I saw another post not long ago and your names were similar.

If a new seller continues on a streak of negative reviews he can delete the gig each time and make a new one.

Not really, as although the reviews would be removed, your overall star rating would be affected.

Yes emmaki I really was lucky cause it was a fresh gig if that would be my top gig I would not really wanna delete but it was fresh thanks god

Actually emmaki I always do the work first if i can successfully do that,then send them a offer to accept and this way all of my buyer are happy and that buyer who left 4.9 star now my friend and we are continuously do some projects but sometimes for my system(work first payment less) some buyer misuse that.they got their things done but they had not to pay I lost over 1000$ for that way

And that last night buyer’s story is

He first ask me to help I told him that if I success then he have to pay and I successfully done with that and sent him a offer and he just accepted and then he had no news then after 16 days he came back and did the drama lol

Don’t do work without the order. This also leaves you vulnerable to buyer abuse and somewhat outside of the normal CS process.


Honestly, for someone so concerned about seller security, you seem to be doing everything right to maintain your own insecurity.