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No Selling for 2 months!


Hey, my friends…
I’ve been for 2 months on Fiverr and created 4 Gigs till now and all I have is some messages from buyers who didn’t continue for no reason…
I’ve followed many tips as (Showing great portfolio and making Gig video), But with no selling till now!

Please check out my Gigs, because i want some reviews from you and thanks so much!


Hey friend,
Make a new gig and write it’s gig title with all tags belongs to your gig. then add 5 search tags and save . Then re-edit your title with a fair gig title you think. This technique worked for me well.


In the medical infographics gig, the pie chart says “+18 yesrs”. Should that be years?
You could try different prices or delivery times on your gigs until you have more reviews and/or send offers to BR in that section.


Yes, there’s a spelling mistake :slight_smile: I’ll correct it
I think I have the lowest price, dude :joy:


You have the same image on two of your gigs. Fiverr doesn’t like that, and your gigs could get removed for it.

Also, I know it’s medical, but perhaps the image in your medical illustration gig could be something other than a penis?


Catwriter, Thank you for your advice … I’ll edit my Gigs :slight_smile: