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No sellings at all from November last year.This site rocks!


Maybe Im not that good as an artist,and also modified my price,I got angry and put all my 3 price levels at 5 USD.Im not sure how its working,I watched some videos but I think Im gonna erase this account and step away from this site.I mean,there are a lot of weak artists who are making money and I didn`t have a single order.What the…


From your gig:

Hello to everyone.I want to let you know that Im working both traditional/digital,so you decide.Digital is a fast delivery and also a good working/response way.Just letting you know.Also,further discussions will be in private,regarding price/other details.As I described in the price offer, Ill do both character concepts and portraits,in a realistic style,as provided in my portfolio so I hope I will deliver what you want.Thanks!

This is an awful gig description. A weak artist with a strong description wins, every time. Also, many buyers will assume that your Batman is stolen from someone else. Overall, you’re not getting sales because art skills aside, your presentation and marketing is :thumbsdown:


are you leaving your courage behind! yes we all got stuck sometimes
the problem is not the value of your work
its the system
most of the time our gigs are shown to the buyers depending on keywords

edit your gig
put a nice video if possible
and never leave it behind may be not today or not tomorrow
you will succeed if you continue with passion and i hope you will
take your time
shake it off
find your way
you can do this @georgedesign89


Hello, I looked at your profile and gig and agree with emmaki that your description and also having two pictures of batman are the problem. You clearly are a very good artist, but the profile is very likely to discourage any buyers.
The pictures of batman are so similar to all the batman pictures we’ve ever seen that it is hard to imagine it being a creative work that will lead to sales. If you have some unique pictures you have done like the one you have in the middle it would help a lot.


I wasn’t sure about Batman, but the Black Panther, I’ve seen that image before and I’m sure it doesn’t belong to you. It looks like you took the Black Panther and added a simply smoky/foggy background to it. Be sure you use your own images and make them look unique.


A google search turned it up under the title captain america.


I didn’t watch the movie, but the Black Panther appeared in the latest Captain America movie I heard so I guess that’s why?? BTW on a completely random note I have a coworker who looks like Captain America ( and he has the body too) but he eats donuts all the time and he loves beer too.
I hope I don’t see the captain with a beer belly in the near future…


Oh dear…


now there is batman