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No Sellings On Other Gigs

My Gig hasn’t sold yet. This is my second of four gigs that I have had for a month. One of my gigs has been doing very well and I’ve made $48 from that, however I have not get any orders or interest in any others. I am not too fussed about the other two gigs for the time being, but I was looking forward to this gig and it hasn’t had any orders. It was on the first page for a while, then got bumped back onto the fourth page and I don’t know how to get it back up. Thank you in advance for any replies and tips.

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Most probably because you were not able to make any sales on that gig.

I checked your gig, and overall it looks fine. But when a gig is not receiving any orders, it starts to look boring as well inactive, so the Fiverr pushes it on the next pages.

Maybe try to update your gig description or the images. Also, keep a check of the most relevant tags in your category.


Ok. Thank you so much!

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I see you have only got one gig. I would open more gigs. Can you give guitar lessons? Why don’t you offer online guitar lessons as another gig. You can do it using ■■■■■ or Zoom (just remember to type ■■■■■ or Zoom in your gig description, otherwise you will be flagged). The more gigs, the more traffic. I have 7 gigs and there is one giving me all my work. The gigs need to be offering a different service.

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I have 3 gigs now (I did have 4 but I paused one), but only 1 relating to music. Thanks for the ideas, I don’t feel ‘qualified’ enough yet to give guitar lessons but I will think about what other music related gigs I could do. Thanks very much!!!

You’ve been here since June first, 2020? And you were on a ‘first page’?



I’ve been here since May but have had the gig up for a month. Yes, I was on the first page when you type in “sheet music to tab” and “sheet music to guitar tab” but now I am on the fourth

you are absolutely right more gig more impression & more order.

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