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No sells after 2 years

I am already on the platform for like 2 years and still I can’t get any sales. Could you please help me by saying what’s wrong on my gigs and my profile, I’m starting to lose faith in Fiverr


Edit your gigs: the description, the photos. Make a try once again.


Your profile says you’ve been a member for one year, not two. Anyway. I would take a look at your profile description and just clean it up a little bit, consider changing some things. I wouldn’t say you are 13 years old. Please don’t think I’m patronising you or suggesting you’re unable to deliver what you say because of your age, but there are thousands of sellers offering a similar service and if people are going to spend money they want someone with plenty of experience.


Sorry *almost 2 years and yes I was already thinking about removing my age but I can’t get older faster

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You can give 7 gigs but do better research before giving.


I didn’t say get older faster. :slight_smile: Just think about what may influence a buyer’s decision.


Create well optimized gig with content also send buyer request daily.
I hope you will definitely get orders sooner.


change your gig…i hope you will success

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You don’t want to!

Enjoy being a teen while you’re still a teen! The world and people are a lot less forgiving to adults.


try once more… be smart to present your service & be passion in your skill

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There is no need to put your age.

Suggest you change “life can be hard” from under your profile image to something more positive as that may put some buyers off.

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Please create new gig with SEO friendly and try to active on Fiverr most off the time. Thank you


So sorry to hear this muddyfromnl. But my advise would be for you to continue tweaking your gigs, descriptions, tags, categories, so that you stand a better chance appearing on the algorithim


Is it good now? I changed the “life can be hard”

And yes I also removed my age, are there any other changes I have to do on my bio?


What do you specifically mean with SEO friendly?

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Hard to say, but there is hundreds of thousands doing background removal, even my kid who’s 8 years old he can do it fast and good looking, Also there are hundreds of websites who offers background removals for free and right away automatic.

There are also Seo check websites, and if you dont know what mans Seo friendly , I make a guess, you are using some website who does that automatic. Also no evidence you are good at it, or anything else…

And last one, i can also give personal opinion how the website looks, and there are plenty of free websites who does counting health of web automatic for free.

In the end just dont take it deep to heart, but you are offering mostly free services what can be done by using search engine at google, offering them for money…

It’s not a Niche and if u havent made any sales on those gigs, you probably won’t.
Maybe get some studies. I know in Netherlands have so many other options. even for foreigners. But you are local, so much more ways to earn and learn.

Save your nerves and enjoy your childhood outdoors not at the pc. :slight_smile:


Hello, there Muddy!

I took a look at your profile and checked out one of the gigs (which is a background removal service)

If I were you, I would definitely change my gigs’ graphics for good.
Look at it like this: You’re into Photoshop, you want people to feel confident about your ability in finishing the task and that it would look worth the money.

So first of all, dedicate some precious hours and design your gigs’ graphics one at a time, add some text to them, read some “color and typeface psychology”, and when you’re finished it’s time to revise the title and descriptions.
As much as you have to sound trustworthy and honest, you have to be more specific. What is it that you do exactly? Who needs such a service? Who might be your next prospect? address those topics and you might start getting messages in your Fiverr inbox.

One thing I forgot to mention is your service title. Keep it short and unique. Switch to buying mode and search for some services related to the one you have. How many services does it show? Look at the successful ones, and try to be unique in your own way.

Let’s do it!


Yes I do use an software for the seo report but the background removal is more of my thing. I know that you’re only once a kid and you can do a lot more without consequences but I actually hate it being a child. I started this fiverr thing because I wanted to make money to start my own business. My biggest fear in life is that I get a boring job and not a company where I know that I worked hard for. I don’t care if the company is the new Amazon or a small company as long as I know that there is so much effort into it and I don’t got a boring job I am happy.


Completely agreed with @enunciator . Enjoy while you can.

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Rebuild Gigs. The more attractive gigs are, the more buyers will come. If you can add a video with pictures, it’s worth it.