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No Single order almost 6 months gone!

Hello Guys its been more than 5 months gone but still i am unable to get a single order. I am staying online all the time through mobile app and sending buyer request proper proposal according to the format and requirements of the clients. But still i am unable to get a single order yet. Now it is looking like my all energy has been lost may be this market is not for me. Any suggestions and guidance for me it would be great honour for me. Thanks and Stay Blessed all :slight_smile:

In reference to the logo cited in another thread (Opus), it is conceived to be read as “Pus”.


Okay i am going to edit that specific one. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Check this out for how to get orders:

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I have read a lot and followed as well. I am really unable to understand where i am going wrong. :frowning:

If you want more orders, you’re going to have to go find your customers, interact with them, and encourage them to hire you. Sitting around, waiting for customers and orders, is a terrible and ineffective business strategy. Success comes to those who EARN it.

I got you but i have posted a lot on social media. I have done a lot vibrantly but all in vain.

Yes, it would appear that you are posting in vain. If you aren’t getting any responses on social media, then why do you keep posting about your gigs there? Clearly your customers are not connected to you on social media.

Why do you think you’re going to find easy customers without any serious marketing work?

One more thing, on my 5 gigs here are not any impressions coming through fiverr. The impressions which i got are just due to my social media promotion. And in this Fiverr is alos not promoting me.

It is not Fiverr’s job to promote you. That is YOUR job as the freelancer. Fiverr does not exist to do your work for you. Get out there and be a successful businessman/woman.

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So how is that possible to find some serious customers ? Any tip want to share wd me ?

Do like every business does. Figure out who your target customers are, do some research to figure out where those customers are located, and then go to those places and convince those target customers to hire you.

YOU are going to have to figure out how to do this.

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No i got some energy level back … I will try my best

One more thing i want to know … Someone told me that if your fiverr profile is not working then delete all your gigs and make backup and create them again. What this factor is handy for some better results ? Thanks!

Ignor that person. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

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Hi,when I started on fiverr last year.i had send out near about 300 BR.without gotten single order through it.but I just completed my 200th big thing is have marketing of yours profile as well gigs.

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Thank You very much for your support. I visited your profile and your work is stunning.