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No SMS while adding bank transfer details to withdraw my money



I have ticket 2617715 already but support just igoring this issue, ticket opened 10 days ago.

Original problem - SMS never delivered, but I have dialog to enter code from SMS.
Current problem - no SMS dialog, just message with “Network problem. You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity.”


Can somebody help me? Just ignoring my issue here and in tickets? Nice!


I’m sorry you’re having a problem, but we’re all buyers and sellers here, just like you.

I’m afraid CS are the only folks who can help you - good luck! :sunny:


Customer Support? Just template replies within last 12 days. And $640 that hangs here.


Hope you get it sorted out! :slightly_smiling_face:


They rely on that code to verify your account and it seems that when someone can’t get the code they don’t have a workaround for that.


My account verified in Feb, but I’m unable to add payment info to get my money. Support just ignoring me.


Are you trying to add paypal, bank transfer or what?


Actually I need Wire Transfer but other options have the same issue, so, no difference.


Does fiverr have a wire transfer option?


Usually Bank Transfer means Wire Transfer… So, I can’t check :slight_smile:


They just ignoring me. Maybe I just lost all money that I got using this service. Is it normal? No support provided. Absolutely. Just “clear cache” or “we are working on it”.


r u Chinese??
I have the same problem