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NO Solution for bad gig audio! Updated

Hi Fiverr’ss
I have created posts on this issue allready, so I apologise for repeating this. But just wanted everyone to know there seems to be NO Solution from Fiverr at the moment. So if you made a gig or uploaded recently in HQ it will sound no better than a poor quality MP3. Fiverr is compressing all audio to 22ktz- that very poor indeed. This obviously does not effect downloads only streaming examples on your gig. Contact Fiverr CS if you are experiencing this. It is effecting my sales and as such feel the need to reverberate this.

To listen the effect of this simply listen to the original video or audio sample, or delivery then compare it with your gigs streaming audio. On smartphones and tablet it’s undeniably bad. Gigs made before July this year are not effected

:triumph: Please fix this Fiverr. I see no point in revamping my gigs untill you fix this…

If this is a concern to anyone (and it should be for a lot of us), I highly recommend sending individual emails to CS about it and voice your displeasure in your own firm yet respectful way.

The more people they hear from via email, the sooner we’ll see movement on this.

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Anyone interested in POLLing this issue click on my POLL thanks!