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No stats after publishing gig

I have published my Gig and I have shared it on facebook. but there are no stats.
no impressions, no clicks
can you let me know why is it so?


All new gigs are reviewed by Fiverr before they are allowed into the search system. Once reviewed – and if approved, you are likely to start gaining a few stats on that gig. Please be patient.


But its status is active? Can you let me know what does that mean?

It shows active but for a while it is inactive. Try after a day or two and you will see the stats :slightly_smiling_face:

It means that your gig has likely been reviewed, and is now active in the search system. If people are looking for gigs like yours, and your gig shows up in their results, then you will gain impressions. If people who searched for your gig, click on your gig in the search results, you will gain clicks.

Delete your gig. Open a new gig by keyword research.