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No Success after a large struggle :(


Hi Everyone…
Hope you all be doing great and enjoying your time.
I have joined Fiverr since June 2016 an up till now i haven’t got a single order for either of my gigs i am trying hard day to day to improve my gigs and catch traffic through social media etc but still no success.
I have a good response in getting views and impressions but still not getting a single order. Can anyone give me suggestions to what to do because i am sucked.

You can check my gigs below:


The first thing that jumps out at me is you say you are fluent in English but you’re not. There are some bad mistakes that need fixing and some of your sentences make no sense, so buyers may not know what they’re buying. Also don’t put more than one ! or ? at the end of a sentence. It looks unprofessional.

i’d also try and add a bit more information about what you mean in your gigs e.g. when you say ‘format a word document’ what kind of formatting.


I take a little issue with your “I haven’t found success after a large struggle”. I’ll assume this is due to your not-quite-fluent English skills. I say this because, if the only things you’ve been doing are fruitless “fixes” to your gigs (because the not-so-great English is still there), and you’re just plastering your gig links on Twitter or Facebook, than you are nowhere near struggling. Not even close.

Don’t plaster your links on social media, and expect a huge influx of sales. That’s not going to happen. You might get one or two with that “strategy”, but you’re not going to be successful that way. Instead, figure out who your target audience is, and go to where they are (wherever they may be). Then, tell them about your services.

If you want to be successful, you need to be promoting to your target customers. That is the only group of people that will purchase from you. Get researching. Get targeting, and start pursuing work that will achieve something. What you’re doing right now is wallowing in the status quo. The status quo is not going to make you successful. Hard work – marketing to your customer base – is what will make you successful. And so far… you haven’t been doing that.

Start doing some actual work promoting your gigs to the right people, and then you can say that you’re struggling without finding any success. Right now, it doesn’t sound like you’re struggling.

There’s an old saying, “You’re not going to get anywhere by sitting still.” Right now, you’re sitting still.


Hammuu, 6 months is really a long time to not have had a single order. Do you use the fiverr app? And refresh it to make sure you are online for a great part of each day?

I’m not an expert in Web programming but I think the picture you used in your gig where you say you “will create a full responsive website for $15,” to put it mildly, doesn’t look great.

In programming, though it’s important but clients don’t really care if your vocabulary is great. Most programmers on here are not native English speakers and don’t have perfect English descriptions yet they make lots of sales.

Do you use buyers request? You should literally sit down there all day and respond to request as quickly as they come.

Most importantly, I also think you should consider creating more gigs under high traffic categories (graphics design for example), that is if you have great design skills of course. This way you can start getting orders, and rise in ranks faster.

I hope you find my comment helpful and get your first order soon.


add gig extras in your gigs and focus on keywords please


Hi thanks for your reply and precious time. looks like i have to make my gigs simple, right?


ok n thnks :slight_smile:


And can you please suggest a good title for my gig regarding ‘format a word document’?


Hi , yes i am using fiverr app and im online almost all the time, n i think i should go for buyers request.


I’m not sure how you got this from what I said but you might want to consider reducing the price, and removing the $10 from your gig description for the word document gig anyway. There are many sellers who do what you’re offering, with better reviews and clearer packages/descriptions, for less. You have to be competitive.


ok ty :slight_smile:


In your profile description, you say that you work part time as a freelancer in order to, among other things, get yourself updated with the new requirements of your profession. Buyers might think that you don’t really know how to do the job, and that you basically want them to pay you while you experiment on their projects and learn how to do it properly.