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No Support At All

I placed an order, received a few vague emails written through a translator (one would hope anyway) then a request for more money. I asked for a refund as I wouldn’t be throwing away more money on nothing.
Another series of poorly written messages asking me to “give good rating!”
I finally tipped them $5 gave em a great rating just to get them off my back.
I don’t care about the money, but I won’t be using Fiverr again.
All during this process I contacted Fiverr, even tried on Facebook. This company is on autopilot with absolutely no screening process. For all you good sellers here, I suggest you go elsewhere. It’s only a matter of time before Fiverr goes under.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums. (Even if this is your only visit.)

Did you report them for breaking the rules?

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Whom did you ask for a refund from? I hope not the seller, and you will never get one that way.

Asking for a review or “good rating” is against Fiverr’s TOS. You can contact Customer Service at and report the seller with screenshots. They will get a warning and may even lose their account. This kind of seller should not be working on Fiverr.

You what!? :flushed: What made you think that was a good solution. You paid a seller who did not provide the quality of service you expected a tip. And on top of that, you gave them a good review! How is another buyer supposed to avoid this :smiling_imp: impish seller if you gave him a good review. How is CS supposed to find out about their misbehavior if you give them a good review? :thinking:

How did you contact them? I had an issue today, and I got an answer in 19 minutes! :wink:

I am a good seller, and Fiverr has been good to me in return. I will not be going elsewhere.


Fiverr has minimal barriers for people to become sellers.

You happened to have purchased from a dubious fraudster and the experience has soured you from the platform. That’s perfectly within your prerogative. But to have rewarded this fraudster with a great rating and a tip only serves to encourage further terrible service and behavior for another unfortunate buyer.

Requesting revisions for proper work, cancelling the order, or addressing the terms of service violating behavior of the seller to customer service would have been far preferable courses of action.


Open a ticket and share your experience! They usually look into these things. And from experience they respond within the hour to at most 12 hours.

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