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No Support From Fiverr- Resolved🙏

I have been so miserable for the last three days. I got promoted to Top Rated Seller- which is great news. But right now I am thinking if Fiverr can really support me.

500 orders later…
I reached out to CS three times the past week about ONE client who has been misbehaving, using a rude tone, and demeaning words again and again. After revisions, they accepted the order, tipped a lot, and went away. I made up my mind not to work with them again.

They literally sent so many messages saying they loved everything. It was on point and they want to hire me for more work. I made an excuse that I am busy for the next 10 days but I will contact them later.

They returned after a few days and asked for more revisions. Again-- the old rude tone.
I said I will do that as a favor since they had used more revisions than offered in the package. To which he said:
NONSENSE!! this is simple work, no favor.
USELESS. NONSENSE. are their usual words.

After the revision. He again asked for another revision.
I again said that I am not obligated to provide the revision:

He said:
I sent all screenshots and messages to Fiverr support.
And Fiverr support guy said something so generic like:
we understand this is an inconvenience but you should help the buyer… bla bla.

I feel like I am never going to get rid of them! They will place another order because they have seen how shallow my ‘not obligated to do this’ attitude is. I swallowed all my pride and sent another revision.

But I was literally in tears last night. I have refused 4 new orders and haven’t been able to work these past two days. I feel so humiliated!


I think you just shouldn’t be too much emotional that you’ll leave to work. There are so many people in the world are so rude and cruel. Be strong to defend them. And don’t take it seriously just don’t work with them again.

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Sorry to hear this but try not let other people effect your wellbeing (i know it is easier said than done). Once you have completed or cancelled the order with this person, i suggest blocking them so they can no longer contact you or place orders.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have been telling myself that I cannot let this affect me.

Yes, I am going to do that as soon as the order is completed. Or I will cancel the order.

Thank you. Really appreciate it.

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Thank you. That’s what’s killing me. I haven’t defended myself or said anything in response to their rude words and threats.

But yes, I can’t let this affect me.

Thank you. :pray:


I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. If they haven’t placed another order as of yet, the best course of action would be to block them already. Block everyone and anyone who must use such a language. They simply have no regard for people in general.


Congratulations for the TRS badge.

That’s beyond amazing. We should be celebrating! instead of this :sparkles:

P.S. You’re a copywriter. You know how to play with words, keep it professional, and bounce bank. Just imagine a bratty kid who lost his candy when dealing with buyers like these. It will give you belly tickles then. .


Yes… That would be perfect! :joy:

Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I will just get this one done and block them forever!

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Please keep patience :no_mouth:

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People need to start respecting freelancers, they think it a easy job and almost treat like a servant they need to understand we are like any other professional doing our jobs.


I appreciate you. They behave us like servant. This happen because of their cheap mentality.

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Don’t be upset, every client is not same.

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Yes. This is the first time something like this has happened. I have completed 500 plus orders and no client was this rude or threatening ever.

Exactly. Showing a little respect wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Just do it!:

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I appreciate your topic. so many informative … Thank you

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If you are not offering unlimited revisions & if you provided everything as promised on your Gig, better to block him and keep moving.

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Don’t be upset, every client is not same.

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So the client accepted the delivery and said…
Excellent work. Thank you for being so nice and kind. Please send me an invoice for 10 webpages.

I said:
I am sorry I cannot accept any future projects.

And BLOCKED him…
Phew… 💁💁:pray::pray:

Now I can finally enjoy that I made it! I am a Top Rated Seller… Yay!! :dancer:

Thank you everyone who commented.



Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations Zain…