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No support from the Fiverr Customer Support, They are supporting buyer

Recently, i posted on forum regarding an issue i am facing with a buyer. Below is the scenario of what happened and below that is the support i received from the Fiverr Customer Service.
Our order started on 21st August. The buyer placed the order without discussion, but later on we agreed on something and got started. Before we got started, I discussed with the buyer what exactly we have to make? I showed him some backgrounds, many characters as he requested, (he requested many changes in character and we did it without any problem), he confirmed the voiceovers, subtitles and logo etc. We even confirmed the script before we got started. The buyer mentioned that he needed the video before 23rd August, to which we replied that we will deliver to him on the same day and which we did. But since 21st August we did not receive any response from the buyer (Two days passed) and today he replied and mentioned that he does not like the video after the deadline has passed and the day that passed he mentioned he needed it before it. We kept on sending reminders to him from time to time.

Now the buyer deadline has passed, maybe his problem is solved or he does not need it, he wants to cancel the order. I did the work like we agreed and delivered on the same day as promised. I did the hard work, there was so much input of our energy, time, and planning. I delivered the work exactly like we agreed. None of the things are missed from what we agreed. Now the buyer is creating excuses by saying this does not have that or that etc just to cancel the order.

I would like you to please tell me what I should do? I did the work like requested, why shall i cancel the order?

Fiverr response to me once i contacted them:
Hi again,

I would suggest allowing the buyer some time to review your work and in case they remain unresponsive then we will proceed accordingly. As a freelancer, you are your entire business so you’re also responsible for engaging with your buyers and convincing them to accept your work.

The party who will always have the final decision as to how to spend their funds is the buyer and Fiverr may not, under any circumstances, force a buyer to accept work they are not fully satisfied with so you will have to continue communicating with them to reach an agreement towards completion.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated,

The buyer is not responding to my messages at all, even though he came online but no response. I have offered him to somehow compensate but still no use. Now the support is also supporting the buyer, Customer service should be fair to sellers, they should view from seller point of view. Please advice what should i do? Its already 5 days late, the order is still going on. Please advise what can i offer him to compensate? I dont want to cancel the order alll my hardwork, time, energy and money will be wasted for no good.

PS: I would apprecitae if the veteran sellers respond to this request and advise.
@frank_d @misscrystal @jonbaas @mariashtelle1 @vibronx @catwriter @humanissocial @coerdelion @lenasemenkova @gwyneth_galvin
can you guys please advise, i know you guys and would really appreciate if you could advise.


How is it still going on, if you have delivered it?

For how long has the order been open?

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Thats what i am puzzled about. It should be automatically completed. Though buyer created disputes two times to cancel the order, but i delivered the work again after the dispute and still its going on. Order started on 21st August, i delivered it on the same day, buyer made a dispute on 24th august that he does not need, after i cancelled the request, i delivered once again but still its not auto completed.

If you say, i can attach the screenshot that shows 5 days late and the date i delivered.

Everytime the buyer opens a dispute and you cancel it, the 3 days until autocompletion start all over.

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I am aware of this, but three days has already passed from my last dispute but still not auto completed.

it will auto-complete exactly 3 days to the hour which the last dispute was declined I believe. Is the order still “open” or has it been delivered? Is it in revision mode?

Its been more than 3 days after the dispute. The order is delivered. Buyer hasnt marked it for revision once.

I’m not sure I understand why it hasn’t auto-completed. If the order has been delivered using the delivery button, is not in revision mode, and there is not an open dispute, it should have auto-completed at the 3-day mark.

Is it possible for you to send some screenshots of the top of the order page (where the order details are) and the bottom of the order page (where it shows your last message/interaction)? Just make sure you block out any of the buyer’s information including username/picture.


It should be auto completed, but havent. I have attached two screenshot, i didnt understood your screenshot part clearly, i have attached two images but feel they are not what you are asking. Please clarify of the exact thing you want the screenshot of. Thanks

I talk to him on inbox only

Ah, ok - I see that your delivery was 26th August. That’s only 2 days ago. The order should auto-complete tomorrow (the 29th of August) at 23:11 your local time.

Try and keep your communcation on the order page to make it easier for CS to keep track of what’s going on if you end up needing them to intervene.

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Yes, this is after the second dispute. But three days after the first dispute, should i show screenshot of that as well? It should have been completed after the first dispute

It doesn’t matter how many disputes you’ve opened since your first delivery - your most recent delivery will reset the auto-complete timer. If this is your most recent delivery, just hold tight till tomorrow at 23:11 and it should auto-complete barring any other disputes.


Alright, i will for tomorrow night. But check this screenshot. According to this timeframe, it should have been completed before.

That’s incorrect - the auto-complete timer reset when you re-delivered on the 26th. Every time you re-delivered the work, you reset the timer.

I’m not sure what all happened between your first delivery and your last, (did you deliver more than twice?) but the timer will always reset with every delivery.


Let me clarify below, sorry for the confusion.
Order started on 21st August 12:00
I delivered my first delivery on 19:47 August 21, 2020
Buyer made first dispute on 10:17 August 24, 2020
I cancelled his dispute on 10:41 August 24, 2020
I redelivered as buyer requested a change and delivered it on 21:57 August 26, 2020
Buyer made another dispute on 23:06 August 26, 2020
I declined and redelivered the file on 23:11August 26, 2020

Hope this clarifies it.

And yes, from now on i will talk on Order page. Most buyers preferred inbox and so do i, that way i can know when they are typing. I thought the CS could read the inbox chat also.

In between these two events, what date and time was a revision requested?

He didnt marked it as revision, he just requested it on inbox chat. On 21:39 August 26 he requested for a change in inbox, but didnt marked the order as revision

During 10:41 August 24 till August 26 21:20 he remained offline. No response.

That’s interesting. I think what happened was that the original timer was cancelled when the buyer made a dispute, and restarted when you cancelled it (10:41 August 24, 2020). The order would have auto-completed until 19:47 that day (3 days exactly from the original delivery) but was interrupted.

Then you delivered again August 26 at 23:11 and it reset once again. Does that make sense?

I wasn’t 100% sure if the auto-complete timer would be reset by a dispute being rejected, but it certainly appears that was the case here.


Yes this is what i thought, this never happened so i am not aware if this works like this. I guess we have to wait till tomorrow to find out. But do let me know what should i tell the CS, They have been up to no help

CS really doesn’t need to intervene here if what you’re looking for is a completed order, unless the buyer keeps opening disputes before the order auto-completes tomorrow night.

Do you have an active ticket open with CS already, and if so have they already replied once (but the ticket has not been closed/marked as “resolved”)?