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No support response?


I have submitted multiple tickets to support that were given no response and closed out. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and if there is any way to avoid this in the future. I had a few concerns with my ratings and the fact that I dropped a couple levels due to issues I believe could have been avoided. Support didn’t seem to really want to help resolve that with me and completely ignored 2 (very respectful) support tickets submitted. I decided to move on and just work hard to get my levels back but I am concerned we are off on the wrong foot and any ticket I submit will be ignored. This concerns me since I have met the requirements for Top Rated Seller and I don’t want my consideration to be valued less. Any tips for communicating with support in a way that maintains a healthy relationship with fiverr?


I’ve had my share of copy-paste replies and unfair resolutions but not been completely ignored before. I understand your frustration but at this point I think I’d drop it. If losing levels was due to avoidable issues, work extra hard to avoid those issues the next few months. As far as general healthy communication, being respectful, as you’ve said, probably is the biggest thing.


I am with you. This was 2 months ago. After my second no reply (they literally closed 2 tickets without responding) I doubled down and just worked as hard as I could to avoid those negative situations. I am hopeful that my relationship with fiverr is still healthy after that.


Support does it sometimes, if you open multiple tickets on the same topic they are just closing them without replying because it’s considered as spam.

I hope you’ll get trs badge but don’t put your hopes to high, they don’t give it away when you just meet the requirements;)


Thanks for your response. That’s probably what happened. I will be mindful of that in the future.

I understand it’s not all about requirements. I’m confident in my quality of work so we shall see.

Thanks again.