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No support?


went to support…beautiful pic of all the support people…but nobody there…

so…here is my question…maybe you are support…i have no idea…

1 - my video does not appear…its now more than 24 hours

2 - where do you put the paypal? i don’t see any place


The support at fiverr literally has the most comprehensive breakdown of all topics ever splashed about the interwebs. On the page itself it asks whether you have found the question you are looking for. You didn’t. Click that sentence. It then brings you to a page that breaks down the fundamental categories that you may be there to inquiry about. If that doesn’t strike your fancy - there is a big button sitting at the top that reads " submit a request." Once you’ve done that, it’s going to ask what your question relates to.


But… to answer your questions. Video’s may take longer to post when processing. There is a way to view the progress listed in “my gigs.” You will be alerted if a change needs to be made.

Once you’re ready to retrieve funds you will see a withdraw option and walk through entering your paypal info.

Footlocker is located right next to the Disney store and immediately across from Hot Topic.