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No tags and Skills Keywords for Blockchain/Smart Contracts

Its been quite a while since I started using fiverr.
However its incredibly annoying to experience that Fiverr has not yet included any tags and keywords for Blockchain related work.

Nor does it include the Programming language for Ethereum Smart Contract language, i.e., Solidity.

Since there is an enormous market of Blockchain out there and there are many freelancers on Fiverr itself who work on Blockchain, its a humble request to please update your platform and kindly look into this.


The keyword suggestions most likely pop up because they are popular queries. Autocomplete is almost always based on popular searches. It’s not a company creating a library of phrases.

If they aren’t popping up it means people aren’t searching them, contradicting your claim that this is popular and suitable for Fiverr.

Just because there is a common need for something, that doesn’t mean people are coming to Fiverr to get it. Research your competition on Fiverr and evaluate the volume of gigs for it and their performance.


Not quite sure what you mean.

I typed blockchain into the Fiverr search bar and found 1249 services available with blockchain in the title.

I checked just one random gig and blockchain was in the tags.

He means when he was selecting keywords in the keyword section of gig creation, that option didn’t auto populate as a suggestion.

Auto population is based on how many times a keyword is searched, not how many times sellers use it as their gig keywords.

From your findings and the lack of an auto populate words for it in the keyword section, I’d say the supply is exceeding the demand.

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