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No taking the job, doing cheap quality or doing favor?

Hey guys for everyone to answer, what should you do? You have a client that want to order for first time a gig from you but can’t afford the $50 of your Gig price right. They contact you, will you take his offer to $30 or $25? Or will you do a cheap quality job for $30 or $25? Or will you do a favor and do the quality job you always do and time spending for $25 or $30? Or will you say just NO and let him go?

Any comments guys or advice.

Let me advice you. If you are a new seller, just split the task in a way that you can do for only $5, after getting the first review, you can agree how much for the next task…

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I, personally, do not work for less then the price of my gigs and extras. My prices are what they are for a reason, and there is a lot of customization that a buyer can do to pick the services they want for the price they can afford. If you start agreeing to work for less, people will start taking advantage of that.

Work for what your services are worth here on Fiverr.