No Traffic for New Gigs, Fiverr has changed a lot!



I have been a member for a long time, before the New Update came, may be a year back.

I have sold a lot of gigs, When ever we post a new gig, it automatically shows on the home page for some time in return giving few member views means more chances of getting Sales.

But in this new version, new gigs don’t show up on Home Page, no traffic, no views.

i tried to post them into My Fiverr Gigs Page, but i am still unsure as to how to get Views/Traffic ?


Fiverr destroyed a lot of work of sellers who have new and old gigs (including gigs with 1k+ reviews).

I daily build new landing pages, several YouTube videos, promote my gigs in social media, and… nothing. Only 3 sales in 2 weeks (2 from old customers and only 1 new customer).


that is pathetic.


I have seen this forum, many people are just wondering how to get more sales.

I mean its Ok, getting a Sale involves lot of things like Good and Optimized Gig and Profile. But if our gigs won’t receive traffic/Views from the Fiverr Buyers only, then how can we expect Sales.

I definitely need an answer for this…!