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No Traffic, Impressions, or anything for my gig!

I created a gig last night - and then it was flagged for my description. I corrected the issue but then denied the gig. So I just decided to delete that gig and create a new one, thus my problem…

The gig I had created before was actually already generating traffic! It showed 44 impressions and 9 clicks! Before it was removed by Fiverr.

That was within a few hours of publishing the gig.

Now I’ve been live for over 12 hours with the TWO NEW GIGS and I see no impressions, clicks (I know people have clicked) and I’m left to wonder what in the world is causing this? <---- My fiverr gig in question?

Is there anything I can do to improve my gig traffic?

Hey Laura - the gig is showing under ‘new’ gigs when people search ‘mobile app’. I’ve just found it and ‘favourited’ also - hopefully this might give it a little extra push!

Good luck with the new gig - lots of competition for that search term!

  • Neil