No "Unlimited Revisions" and "100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED"


Don’t you just hate it when a seller advertises “Unlimited Revisions” and “100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED” and offer’s a "full refund " when they don’t do any of them things.

They know they have a upper hand as they have to authorise a refund so you can get rid of them.

Palp*l are heaven sent, I’ve not had to use them yet!

There must be some good seller too, just haven’t come across them yet.

I am a buyer only and not going to sell anytime soon.


unlimited revisions are awesome thing to offer, but inside of a custom offer… I use it sometimes with certain buyers, when I get a feeling they are not sure what they want; so I don t wanna rip them off on revisions…or if buyers have a whole team to make a decision; it happens often with a packaging design. Offering unlimited revisions is not a bad thing in every case. Now full refund is something else. I think if I already spent hours on working for someone, or days, I want my time and effort to be paid, so if I as a seller talk with buyer during the order and give them my best refund is not happening, there is no need for it. To be honest, once one of my buyers asked me for a refund of 150, and not because I did bad job, it was because they changed their mind on selling the product I was doing packaging for… So, I politely explained them that I already done the work, and spend time and effort, so they said yes it is fair to pay that, and I changed them their logo so on end they still got something, beside the design they on end didn t need anymore. Everything in this online buying.selling world depends on a good communication and understanding from both of the sides.
I agree it is crazy to advertise unlimited revisions and 100% satisfaction and full refund in on gig, because if you as a seller are sure you can give 100% satisfaction you don t need to do revisions or refunds :wink:


What about sellers that say free revision of your work, then charge you for that revision, then after you’ve already offered them more work they jack up the price by $40+… That’s when i stop using that seller, stuff like this annoys me.


I didn t actually know sellers do that, till I got one review, I attached image below so you can see it…That was my first time and this now is second time I hear from a buyer that sellers offer one thing and do another… Communication is key in this way of working as I said before. Once when I put a price in my offer I don t really change it. Now if someone gets an idea of something extra we didn t talk about before, during the offer I charge it if it is over an hour of a work, if not I don t charge it…It really depends as well on if I am working with the person for the first time or we done few projects together before. We are all different and have different ways of working…

Now charging a revision is OK, if seller didn t put inside of his offer unlimited revisions free of charge.


hmm, looks like my image didn t get uploaded…I must be doing something wrong, sorry for that, just scroll down my profile if you wanna you will see what comment I was talking about.


I think that sellers think that us buyers will see “Unlimited Revisions” and “100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED” and fall head over heels to get the work done from them.

I have never looked that saying but do find it in lots of adverts claiming that.

A few days ago, after the second revision a seller told me that he will not do anymore. All I wanted was a semi decent banner. The first one he gave me was probably done by his 6 yr old. The second as slightly better!!
He has not spoken to me since.


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don t be sad, you learned. And learning is awesome. :wink:


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I have very rarely ever done any revisions of my work. The only exceptions have been a very small number of clients (like, 2) that I’m on very good terms with and - at the time of the interaction - it made sense to re-do the order. Everybody else who says they aren’t happy with the order (which has been less than 10 in my entire time on Fiverr), I offer a refund and apologize that I couldn’t provide what they were looking for. This sort of policy won’t work for professionals in different kinds of fields, but it’s the same for me online as it is in person at my store: if a client doesn’t like what I’m selling, I’m not going to force them to pay. Of course, I won’t work for them again, so that situation tends not to repeat itself.


I don’t offer unlimited revisions, because I value my time. But 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed? Absolutely. How else will you get orders?


This is true i agree that, we need to satisfy our clients to repeat them to buy from us again. i offer additional revision for extra $ like you said we need to value our time!


Indeed. You’re very right.
I put a lot of time and effort into my recordings for example. Buyers probably don’t realise that I don’t just stand in front of a mic and read their text.
I have to practice and work out different versions, too - for me to practice and in case the client is not entirely sure about what they want.
A 50-word recording is not just a 1-minute thing to me.
Anyways, I just had this client who ordered an English recording.
I had to fake a German accent (which is quite fun) and sound like a professor/doctor. The script had the name and details on the work of said professor.
And turns out that she is actually a he.
OF COURSE, I contact the client and ask them if they may have made a mistake and that I would be happy to mutually cancel the order.
Well… That was one happy Buyer.
He got his money and had a good experience on Fiverr, plus he’ll get the right recording now.
And he’s going to be a returning customer, I am sure of it.


I have faced the same issue myself when the seller didn’t even know what a revision means (or was pretending to). It’s really irritating.


Hi, I’m doing a infographic gig and i support unlimit revision to all my customer, even the order has stop and they back in 1 month ask for few text edit, i still do it. But i will charge buyer if they need to do major modification.

I don’t know what happen to the other categlory but all my customer very lovely. When they give brief,then i done my work and send delivery, and they will ask for some text edit, or change the picture, and then we done the order very easy. But in beginning i give them the price equal to my work, it worth when they pay it. I do my best and all of them feel amazing and love my work very much.

Somethings i would share is: in some case customer order 20$ work but they change whole thing to 40$ don’t want to pay more, cancel this order cause if you try it not going anywhere. You will not got good mood to do and be result was bad and the loop start again and again, stop it. Save times for the next order.


I don’t offer unlimited revisions Because i think i have capability to make in first attempt what client’s requirement. and normally i gave one Free Revision (if Required)… we can revised if buyer’s need genuine. So. But i am offering 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed…Your quality of work reflect in your rating and reviews… :slight_smile: