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No "Unlimited Revisions" and "100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED"


Yes i like your honest replying. :slight_smile: Some Buyers just ask more and more. this is your talent how you can handle these buyers. make sure that do not let him go with unsatisfied with your work. and this works every time may be. Good Luck :slight_smile:


It’s really irritating :slight_smile: yes you are right … when you feel that now this is enough and you can do lots of revisions the easy way to solve this problem just cancel the order. make sure you can not accept the negative review… its direct reflection on your future orders…

Some time buyers demand totally different what they demand before. SO we can not called it revision…But if you can handle these type of buyers then you are the real HERO :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Good Luck !!


I’m in the voice over area, and the thought of being able provide a !00% guarantee seems unrealistic. I get orders from people with a lot of different experience. Some really do not know what they want, are unable to describe, it and are hiring the wrong person for the job. I try to communicate as much up front, and hope that they are sure they want what I have to offer. I have had to cancel a few orders because they wanted to pay next to nothing for a job that should have been more. One time though, I did all the work (several orders from them) and then they claimed they had decided that they were going to record “in house” and wanted me to cancel the orders even though I had done the work. They of course swore that they weren’t going to use the recordings I had already done. That was a bad experience. But mostly my clients have been very happy and when I have to revise more than is reasonable, or they want more, I can add extras on.


I personally agree with you on this point. In my article writing gigs, I didn’t state that I’ll do revision simply because I know my pedigree. Of course, buyers did ask for revision occasionally and I accepted and modified. It is annoying to me when I see unlimited revision on gig’s description. For God’s sake, who can give unlimited revision? That is a bad self-promotion!


I think when you say unlimited it will appear that you will not be delivering the quality that your buyer require, I think one revision is suitable, but then if you are in the creative side of business I think 2 is reasonable.


Well as a seller who got a bad buyer, i would say that unlimited revision or 100% satisfaction i think it’s impossible when ther’s buyer’s who don’t even know how to understand english!


I guess buyers should have a clear head before they place an order.It helps immensely if the seller is clear about what is the buyer wanting and he can figure out how to go about it.
Offering unlimited revisions is unpractical anyways


Agree with you right