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No updates from CS after 3 enquiries

Hello everyone ! I was given a warning regarding involvement in academic work. I contacted customer support and provided them with every possible proof that my recent order wasn’t related to academic . After viewing all my screenshots and other stuff I received last email from “******” that he/she is forwarding my issue to relevant department and will get to me shortly. It’s been 20 days since I received their mail. I checked the mail status and it was mentioned as solved. However I made another 2 querys one after other that kindly update me please as I’m already demoted to level 0 and have received 2 unfair warnings. They didn’t respond to my mail and I once checked the status they were also stated as solved. What should I do now ? It’s too discouraging!
Any help will be appreciated.

**Mod Note: removed CS agent name.

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Sorry you’re going through this.

Please don’t send CS more than one ticket about anything - even if it’s been marked as closed, all you need to do is add a reply and it will open again.

For now, you can’t do anything - you’ve basically spammed them and you’ll need to keep a low profile, at least for a while.

You can build your profile back up again - I have, as have many others …