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No upload work button and slow site?


Hey there,
I’m trying to delivery a few orders and when opening the box to deliver, I’m not given the option to upload my work. I’ve tried it on chrome, firefox and opera. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. The site also seems to be quite slow for me at the moment, and even when trying to download client attachments that seems to be freaking out.

Greatly appreciate any responses. :slight_smile:


Hello @luluvibe
It happens some time, I faced several times. But I found that’s ok after few minutes. If you still face so, please contact with the fiverr support. Hope you will get rid from it :slight_smile: Till then be safe and have a good time :slight_smile:


I have been trying to upload project for almost two hours. My internet is working fine. File either stop at almost 20% or 80%. File is almost 4 mb. I have a delivery due within 4 hours i need help.