No use of Levels for me


When i started on fiverr, I was not expecting a lot of orders but, within first one n half month i’m 90% to Level 2.

I do not understand that how effective it will be for me to use gig xtras and other features for premium sellers having 1 level or 2 level. I have tried a lot but even thinking of increasing my current gig price doesn’t make my soul happy. What to do?

I am ready to distribute my levels placement to one’s who are needy or who want’s to get more revenue.


Thank you, I appreciate what you have told me. It’s not about extras…I need to think more ideas which can be sold as gigs PLUS are valuable for the users.


It sounds like you have a limited grasp on the importance of a good buyers experience. Extra’s and levels are as much about the buyer as it is the seller. Offering additional materials shows that you are willing to work to individualize a buyers request. And to echo Moo’s point- the ranking system is a safety net for customer’s. In the same way that health ratings are posted at restaurants (a practice born of regulations) the rating system tells customers that you will treat their order in a business/professional manner.

This post,aimed at placing a halo atop your head, was more of an expose in self pleasure. I hope you get your wish and lose your levels quickly.