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No views in "My gigs" section... [ARCHIVED]

Hello dear fellow sellers.
It seems like something strange is going on with my “My gigs” analytics.
For four consecutive there are no views displayed. However, I had some orders rolling in during these days. My conversion rose to unprecedented 6.6% level. lol.
It starts worrying me a bit. Did anyone have the same experience?
What is wrong with it??
Thank you!

Yes there is a bug on the site that does this for lots of people and the staff is working on it to fix it.

Thank you! It is good to know.:slight_smile:

Yeah my gig having in wordpress top categories and having 41 k impression suddenly drop i was in tension then i contact cs team they said we are working on it !!! suddenly drop to zero from 6 January !!! but gig are visible on search !!! so it means everyone is facing this problem … are you also facing this problem ?


Here is the word on this bug:

“There is a technical bug which is affecting some of our users, causing the impressions to not display. Our technical team is working on correcting this.”

Bug in website…wait fiverr technical team working

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I do and it is just scary.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. The reset must be “stuck.” Since what you got says “display” I think gigs are still getting views, the stats just don’t reflect it.

I’m not facing anything like this Sisi

yea there is a bug our gigs rating are going down and down and no more order is receiving from the last month

@Overror Same here, i am not getting orders from last month and also impr. got down… :frowning: hope will good soon.

I got a message from Customer Support that this is technical problem and currently fiverr technical team working to get rid of this bug.They will update us when problem solved.Hope this will help!

Hope everything will be alright.

There is Another topic in bugs, who questions about this issue been answered.
I copy in the important answer here below:

“I got a swift response from the fiverr Support Team. They are aware of this bug affecting some – not all – users. They mentioned that those affected are collecting metrics, they’re just not getting pushed to the dashboard. No ETA as to when it will be fixed, but this does not mean people can’t find you in search or that your gigs are not being viewed or clicked on anymore”.

good to know i’m not alone - i’ve already sent my req through to customer support and they’re creating a tech ticket about it - hopefully this gets fixed, haven’t had any sales in a few days :confused:

Same Issue in My gig. My Gig Performance - Gig views 0 (5 days) but I have 7 orders these days.

Ohhh. i was so worried that there was sudden drop from 79 views to 0…Hope this bug gets solved quickly and everything is on track…:slight_smile:

Yes , its happening with everyone .Hope fiverr fix it ASAP

same issue with my all gigs

I am having the same issue. From 6th of jan my impression , click and views suddenly dropped to 0. I am a level one seller and it is very annoying thing happened to me. But somehow relaxed that i am not alone.