No views?[solved]


So I started on fiverr yesterday and my speciality is photoshop. I did not expect to get a sale in the first day with only 3 gigs but j have not even got a view yet. I just feel if I have not even got a view yet I will never get a sale :frowning: I would greatly appreciate some help / tips thanks!


How many impressions have you had?


Reply to @sara1984: I have had 0


Maybe your stats are slow to update then if you have 0 impressions too. They don’t always update in real time. I’ll take a view of your gig now. That’ll let you know how quickly your stats update.


Reply to @sara1984: thanks a lot for the help and yes it still says I have 0 of everything so probably just slow to update! Thanks again .


You just be a little more patient.