No visits, 0 impressions.. :(



I started a simple logo design service, and at first I was receiving average impressions. Managed to get one client in just a few days.

But now, I do not have any visits, not even impressions… I am not seen at all in public. So it does not matter what I offer, nobody knows I exist. It has been weeks and all I see is 0 in all my stats. It is getting me disheartened.

Any ways out of being last place?



I actually had the same problem starting out - I got a few orders at first, but then they all suddenly stopped. It was weird.

Try having a look around the forums, there are plenty of topics with suggestions on how to get your gigs out there. My suggestion is to maybe get some more gigs, and try and get some ratings - so people will know your service is trust worthy.


I had the same problem too :frowning:

any one can help me to give me some advices !?

this is my profile


me too same problem and i Contact Customer Support but they tell me that

they do not guarantee orders, and views


Look, if this was your second GIG or third, then it won’t have any impressions, but will have a limited number of Clients “orders”, your first one should have many impressions and orders, the second or third will have once you be Level 1 Seller or More, if this was your first GIG and you was having such problem, then you must contact the Customer Support!