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No voice-over sales help!

For the last 4 weeks I have had no buyers for my service. Have been posting on Buyer
Request, and Social media. I am a Voice-over talent, and about 3 months agoput different samples up on my gigs. Is anyone else having this issue? Or do I need to just wait it out?

Do you mind letting me hear your samples? I might have some suggestions.

Sure you may, no problem. G to: Thank you…

Hi John,

You have a few more gig spots you could fill.

Just brainstorming here but why not offer more specific VO services like:

  1. Podcast Intros/Transitions/Outros

  2. Explainer Video Narration

I would say try marketing your Fiverr services on reddit such as Noir forum or Record this Fiverr is a great site. But some times self marketing can help this going.

Ok, Thank you for your advice.

ok, Thank you for all your help.