No way for buyers to accept a mutual cancellation on the app


This happens once a week.

I’m so tired of this struggle. The buyer made a mistake ordering, asks to cancel, I send the cancellation request to her, and she can’t find any way to accept it. This has happened four times now and I go through heck each time for an hour trying to get it solved, and always have to get customer support to cancel it.

Please fix this fiverr. It’s happening on the app. No place to accept the cancellation.
She sent me a screenshot which I will upload after I rest up from the massive ordeal I just went though over this.


More like a crApp, amirite guys?


When yerrite, yerrite!


Happened last week. Buyer was irritating so I sent him mutual cancellation request. He couldn’t find ACCEPT/REJECT option in App then I asked him to accept using browser. He wanted to give me -5 stars because ‘I’ was making him follow additional steps. LoL!