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No way of getting my work!


I don’t know how many emails I have sent out to tech support about their site constantly hanging. I can’t download a delivery. I get to the point of clicking the link for the delivery and that’s when it hangs.

I’ve done all the clearing of this and that. Up to date with browser, Flash etc. Now I’ve discovered that many people are complaining about the same thing happening to them over the last few months.

So there is obviously something wrong with the site. I’m able to access other sites that have high volume graphics.

A lot of other people say the same thing.

I’ve asked them to send me a download link for the illustration I purchased three times and been totally ignored.

There is nothing wrong with my computer, browser etc. There is something radically wrong with your site. The performance is poor.

I Googled to ask the question if people were finding probs using Fiverr and there were loads and loads of people saying they were experiencing probs downloading and the site just hanging. So come on don’t tell me I have the problems when it was okay in the beginning and I haven’t changed a thing on my computer!

The service has ground to a halt for me and that is bad. The illustrator will think I’m ignoring them when in fact I can’t get access. This is such a shoddy service!


You could ask your seller to deliver via drop box or alternate service so that you can get your delivery.

Don’t give up :slight_smile:

ozzieuk said: You could ask your seller to deliver via drop box or alternate service so that you can get your delivery.

Sound advice ozzie and congrats on the TRS! But since this is the ranting pot, I have to say that for 20% Fiverr should do a better job of providing a service. Sellers and Buyers shouldn't have to spend SOOOO much time trying to figure out workarounds for getting a job done! Everything from promotion to delivering goods to correcting payment issues and disputes is falling more and more on the individual user.

Cheap outsourcing is never going to go away, but if Fiverr doesn't start focusing on system quality instead of growing too big for their britches, they're gonna go down.