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No way to delete draft posts in Forum

I started writing a comment to one of the posts here in the Fiverr Forum [] and saved it as a “Draft”, but later regretted it. I don’t see any way to delete my Draft. IMHO this is a bug in the design.

Scroll up to the top of the Forums to My Drafts. There you will find your Drafts listed. Mouse over them and the magic delete button (x) will appear. Took me months and help from a Fiverrite to learn where they hid it. Fiverr loves mouseovers. If you can’t find something just move your cursor all over the screen. Something will pop up up. jk

It seems you are right @technomaven I just tried to delete some Drafts but the “x” doesn’t pop up. BUG!

Yep already created a topic about the issue.

mgjohn78 said: Until it's fixed for those of you who wish to delete draft messages, just go to your drafts page as usual the right click and choose view page source. In page source press ctrl+F (this brings out page search in most browsers) and type
you will find links that look like it/transaction key?Target=drafts where "draft it/transaction key" is a number or each draft/key with characters and numbers.
To delete your drafts just click those delete draft links when viewing source of the draft page.