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No Way to Edit a Post?

I can’t believe that there is no way to edit a post for typos, error corrections, added content and so on without having to make a separate Reply to yourself.

On some of my comments i see an edit button and on others i dont.
Edit: yep editing works here (too bad the typo that bothers me is in another thread).

All I see is a Reply button and a Thumbs Up button.
[EDIT] Lo and behold. There now appears an Edit button.
I shall refrain from further criticism…for a while at least.

Definitely something funny going on, i just edited the previous comment but now the edit button is gone again. Guessing someone is playing around getting familiar with the settings on the new platform.

Edit button will only be their when you make a post :slight_smile:

Edit is available for the time when you post.
I think it was misused previously so edits should be reviewed before they are posted.

Hi there,

You can edit your posts for up to 24 hours after posting


Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me either.
I had to comment on my own post to apologize for a typo that was confusing.
Same experience as @ricksper
Just to be clear, we’re talking about the Original Post, not comments.

I had trouble with editing in only certain categories for a while and it just turned out to be a glitch. Perhaps you made your post during that time period. As far as I know, it should work again now in all categories as @twistedweb123 mentioned. Also take note of his comment about the time limit, edits cannot be done for an unlimited time anymore.

In my opinion as just a forum user, I do feel that edit was sometimes abused on the old forum. Sometimes users would come back much later and edit their posts which altered the posts enough that responses no longer made sense. I do not know for sure if that it why edits now have time limits, but that is my guess. Thanks for being patient while everyone adjusts to the new forum. :slight_smile:

I can see several valid reasons for this but it will also mean an end to growing info topics maintained by regular members.