No wonder copywriters get a bad name!


Just looked through the buyers requests to see a request with terribly written English advertising copywriting services.

Curious I asked this question: "I’ve just seen your request, could you explain what a copywriter is?"

Here’s the answer:

“That mean.I will manually convert your PDF or jpeg images which containing words in to word document.with in 24 hours.1500 words per data seems like data entry work”


Reply to @emasonwrites: Oh, that’s legit.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Or if the next response is “ASL?”


Reply to @digilancer99: Hey! As a child of the 90’s, I’d put a/s/l.


Wow. That seems like they have taken the word ‘copywriter’ literally - copying and pasting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe that’s one for the suggestion box - add a feature/faq explaining the difference between certain skills like copywriter, editor, proofreader or a web designer, developer, seo expert - might help for buyers who expect something different when they order a gig.


Reply to @lunabea: Yeah that’s exactly what I thought!

I’m have mixed opinions for a feature like that. On one hand, buyers would benefit a lot, on the other, the competition might improve. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @lunabea: Love the idea of a FAQ explaining the differences between skills!


Same thing with “press release” and “article.” So many buyers think that a press release is just a piece of ad copy that they can get newspapers to print or say “article” when what they really mean is webpage content or a blog post. I feel a blog post coming on…


Reply to @emasonwrites: Blog it to the world!


Reply to @emasonwrites: Write, emason, write!


I resent article writers calling themselves "copywriters."





a person employed to write advertising copy

That’s it. Stephen King is a WRITER, Maureen Dowd is a JOURNALIST and opinion columnist, those of us who write advertising copy (radio, direct mail/junk mail, headlines, emails, taglines, slogans, billboards, TV commercials) are copywriters. The ones that write landing pages, websites, web banners, facebook posts, are "web copywriters."

Of course, here on Fiverr you can call yourself whatever you want, and then the reviews will prove if you are what you say you are. As always, money talks.


Reply to @willedridge: Oh damn, didn’t think of that - well, you can’t teach natural-born experts :wink: I’m sure they’ll get weeded out!


Reply to @emasonwrites: That’s what I was thinking too! I haven’t blogged in over 4 months so it might be something to push me back on there :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @fastcopywriter: My ‘actual’ job is a content copywriter - there are so many variants! I prefer the role I’m doing though as I don’t like overt selling or ad copy in general.

Hah! If money talks, then talk is cheap! Fiverr sellers don’t 'arf get the raw deal sometimes…but then when you get sellers like the “copywriter” in the OP topic, perhaps it balances everything out.


Reply to @lunabea: I recently wrote one about the differences between proofreading, copy editing, and content editing because I get really annoyed when a client (usually a creative writer, who I would assume would know better) asks to have something “proofread” and then comes back angry when I haven’t content edited it–but I’m sure you’ve gotten that too!


Reply to @fonthaunt and @willedridge: You guys are too funny!


Reply to @emasonwrites: I have, just recently in fact. Some buyers also don’t seem to understand what formatting is - they seem to expect a final product with graphics and formatted to print as a book or publish as an ebook - but formatting merely just means ‘layout’!

I also find the creative ones to be the worst because they think they know better, which isn’t always the case!

Would it me improper of me to request a link to the blog you wrote, if it’s on the interwebs? I’d be interested to get a fellow sellers outlook on something like that.


I’ll do you one better. I used to advertise myself as a blog writer & copywriter on another website a couple of years back, and I would get buyers expecting me to get COPYRIGHTS for their stuff. This wasn’t even a rare occurrence. I got these requests maybe twice a month.


Reply to @digilancer99: Ugh! A “copyrighter” isn’t even a thing! Haha. Oh, these people.


Reply to @lunabea: Exactly lol. Besides that, I agree with what’s been said in this thread. I think a lot of people think copywriting is just an umbrella term for anything that has to do with text. Honestly, though, even if we have a little FAQ about what copywriting entails, I doubt most people would read it. I mean, a lot of people don’t even bother reading gig descriptions fully.